In response to requests by the Peel District School Board (PDSB) and the parents living in the peel region, ASGC conducted a Guidance for Higer Studies workshop for the second time in the last ten years at Central Peel Secondary School in Brampton on Saturday, November 11, 2017. This event was organized in partnership with Canadian Tamil Professional Association (CTPA), Canadian Tamil Medical Association (CTMA) and Srilankan Accountant SAssociation (SLAA).

The plenary session was commenced by the welcome address by ASGC's President Pon Balendran. This was followed by greetings from Mr. Peter Joshua, Director of Peel District School Board, Mr. Adrian Graham, Superintent of Curriculum, PDSB and Mr. John Colton, Principal Central Peel SS. Thereafter an inspirational keynote address was mde by Ms. Manjula Selvarajah, Producer/Guest Host of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She emphasized the importance of hard work and advised students to choose a field which they are passionate about so that they could excel and enjoy. She was impressed by the number of women panelis at the workshop representing various nontraditional fields.

Ms. Nala Moorthy, Workshop Coordinator explained the format of the workshop which was designed to benefit both students and parents. She indicated the students were divided into four sections namely, Health & Life Sciences, Engineering & Applied Science, Creative Arts & Social Sciences, Business Studies and Skills Trade. She also mentioned parents would have a separate session. Mr. Thiva Kulasingam of ASGC and Mr. Daran Somas of CTPA briefly introduced all the presenters to the audience. The list of presenters with their qualifications and places of work are given below and on the adjacent page.

The parents' session was extremely informative on the variety of programs that are available to peel students based on their interest and abilities. The panelist answered various questions from parents related to mental health, student achievments and their roles in choosing suitable courses for their children. Students' session involved intense discussions on choice of universities and careers. Students were able to make connections with the panelist and some of them exchanged information to continue their mentor-mentee relationships.

Finally, all students and parents gathered in the auditorium. The moderators summarized the highlights of the discussion and took place in their respective sessions. The panel of presenters answered the questioned raised by the audience. ASGC's secretary, Ram Ramanathan delivered a vote of thanks. Certificates of Appreciation was presented to the panelist for their valuable service in educating the students and parents.