ASGC first began as an association of graduates living in Canada who have graduated from Sri Lankan universities. Now, it has opened its doors to accommodate all Canadians of Sri Lankan origin who are graduates or three year diploma holders. ASGC will help identify and address problems of common concern to the Srilankan Community in general and of the Graduates entering the job market and the Undergraduates in Srilanka in particular, and become one of the most respected provider of valuable service to the Canadian Community at large.

Playing a leadership role in promoting charitableness and voluntarism in the Srilankan community in general, and among the graduates in particular, and focus on channeling their organized efforts in identifying and addressing problems in the areas of graduate employment and youth education.

Rendering all possible assistance to new immigrants, who are new to the Canadian job market, including getting recognition of their qualifications and finding jobs in which their expertise and experience would be recognized, and facilitating their smooth settlement in Canada;

Organizing meetings and seminars aimed at improving and enhancing the knowledge and understanding of subjects of interest and importance to the Srilankan community in general and to the Graduates in particular.

Organizing and delivery of support and assistance to the Universities and students in North and East of Srilanka with books, computers, teaching aids and materials etc, and offering helps for programs aimed at helping students and undergraduates. Sit unde quia eum repudiandae molestiae reprehenderit harum nesciunt.

Organizing events and activities focusing on finding solutions to problems of serious concern surfacing in the Srilankan Community from time to time;

Organizing events and activities that would help bring out the hidden talents, expertise and experience of Srilankan Graduates in the service of the Candaidan Society at large.


“For nearly 30 years, the ASGC's dedicated volunteers have provided numerous valuable services throughout Peel which have enriched and elevated the quality of life for our students. The association's focus on youth educatio and graduate employment through Career Guidance Workshops for secondary students has facilitated and supported the success of youth in Peel.”

Peter Joshua, Director of Education | Peel District School Board

“The career guidance workshops offered through ASGC provide students and families with valuable opportunities to connect with graduates and learn more about post-secondary pathways. We look forward to continuing to work with you to ensure our schools provide welcoming, respectful and inclusive environments that enable all of our students to reach their full potential.”

Louise Sirisko, Director of Education | York Region District School Board

“The steady growth and its ability to collaborate with other organizations are directly correlated with the success and commitment possessed by the executives and members of ASGC. I wish ASGC, its executives and members continued success and look forward to continuing to support the organization and its future initiatives.”

Juanita Nathan, Trustee & Vice Chair | York Region District School Board

“The Association of Srilankan Graduates of Canada is an organization that is committed to providing academic and profession assistance to many individuals across our community. The ASGC has focused on the educational growth of the youth in the Srilankan community by providing services like career counseling for graduating highschool students.”

Rathika Sitsabaiesan, Member of Parliament | Scarborough-Rouge River (2011 - 2015)