2013 Focus Magazine - Message From The Mayor

On behalf of Members of Council and the City of Markham, I am pleased to extend a warm and sincere welcome to all those attending the 2013 Annual Dinner and Dance hosted by the Association Of Srilankan Graduates of Canada in support of your career counselling sessions.

In Markham, we welcome people from all over the world to make their home in our city. We are proud to be recognized as Canada's most diverse city and take every occassion to celebrate the many cultures and traditions from across our community.

The Association of Sri Lankan Graduates of Canada is to be commended for working with the York District School Board and former graduates to present educational information sessions to assist students of Srilankan heritage with career choices, post secondary school selections and scholarship and grant applications. When we work together, we create a better future for all.

As Mayor, I am proud of your efforts and I am delighted to have this opportunity to extend my best wished for most enjoyable and successful evening.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Scarpitti